Series “The Effects of the Ukraine War on the German Labour Market”

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The Ukraine war has shaken international public opinion and brought immeasurable suffering to the people of Ukraine. The international community reacted to the Russian aggression with the toughest sanctions. The economic distortions resulting from the war itself, as well as from sanctions, are dramatic and are not limited to only Ukraine and Russia. In addition to the loss of the Russian export market, high prices for raw materials and energy, and the threat of supply-bottlenecks are factors which could severely affect the economies of many other countries. Uncertainty about future developments is also having a negative impact on the economic climate.
All of this will have an impact on the labour market. It is, however, unclear how strong the impact will be. Here, the IAB has a role in assessing the possible effects of the Ukraine crisis and evaluating those political measures which are intended to stabilise the German economy and labour market during the crisis. The war has also triggered a massive movement of refugees from Ukraine. Thus, a special focus of the IAB also lies in analysing its consequences for migration and integration – in particular in Germany.
In this series, the IAB presents its relevant expertise on the effects of the war in Ukraine and discusses options for action in relation to labour-market and economic policy.

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