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How the transition from school to working life takes place sets the course for individual labour market opportunities. This transition is particularly difficult for disadvantaged young people. Here more

Participation in vocational further training is unequally distributed among different groups. Migrants daughters often participate in further training. Men, who immigrated themselves, seldom take more

In this interview, the authors Herbert Brücker and Yuliya Kosyakova answer key questions on the employment of refugees in Germany. more

The article presents empirical findings from German high school students during the school closing due to the COVID-19 more

The authors show four scenarios how population changes can effect the labour force potential in Germany and what parameters need to be adjusted more

A few refugees get a job soon after they arrived in Germany. However, for most of them labour market integration is still a long way off. Bevor getting a job, many refugees have to learn German and more

In an article in the renowned Wall Street Journal of 8 September 2016 (“Germany offers a promising jobs model”), the American labour market economist Edward Lazear and the IAB researcher more

Youth unemployment in Germany is very low by international standards. In an interview to the IAB-Forum magazine, IAB Director Joachim Möller attributes this success to three factors: the favourable more