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The new complex and intelligent digitalisation poses a significant challenge to the economies and the labour markets. In this context, the underlying article discusses the future of employment and more

12. July 2017 |

European unemployment insurance: finding the golden mean

Enzo Weber

Ever since Europe slipped into severe recession following the financial crisis in the U.S., people have been discussing how to make the European Union better equipped for such an economic collapse. more

7. July 2017 |

New book publication: Frontline Delivery of Welfare-to-Work Policies in Europe

Welfare-to-work or activation policies refer to programmes aimed at promoting the employability, labour-market and social participation of benefit recipients of working age. Frontline workers more

From “the sick man of Europe” to the “German job miracle”: the German labour market has been performing extraordinarily well since 2005. Even in the crisis year 2009, when more

30. June 2017 |

The German labour market in a nutshell

Martin Schludi

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, Germany’s labour market was in such a poor state that the country was described as ’the sick man of Europe’. Today, by contrast, the labour market is in such more