30. April 2019 | Interviews

Labour market integration of migrants in Austria, Germany, and Sweden. An interview with Regina Konle-Seidl

Jutta Winters

Regina Konle-Seidl, researcher at the IAB in Nuremberg, compares in our video interview policies to facilitate labour market integration of migrants in Austria, Germany, and Sweden. ...read more

12. April 2019 | International Labour Markets

„We need legal migration to stabilise the Italian social security system“. An interview with Professor Tito Boeri

Lutz Bellmann, Jutta Winters

With his pro-migration media statements, the Italian economics Professor Tito Boeri expresses his open dissent with the Italian government. He argues that Italy needs migration in order to secure the prosperity of the Italian society, the social standards, and the pension system. In this interview Boeri explains the current situation and the future of the Italian social security system. ...read more

22. March 2019 | Interviews

“The labour market integration of refugees is working out much better than we expected.” An interview with Herbert Brücker and Yuliya Kosyakova

Martin Schludi

In order to learn more about the situation of refugees in Germany, and how it develops, a representative longitudinal survey has been launched in 2016: the IAB-BAMF-SOEP Survey of Refugees. ...read more

8th February 2019 | Groups of Persons

Manager for download: Expectations versus reality

Ralph K. Dreyhaupt, Frank Gustke, Ludwig Pierkes, Marcel Schmutzler

Digitisation will leave a strong mark on the working world of today, including leadership styles, structures, and cultures. Still, however, many companies and job-seeking managers stick to the old ways of thinking. But what kind of leadership does digitisation require in the first place? And how can companies prepare for the imminent changes? ...read more

20th December 2018 | International Labour Markets

The rise of online labour markets: freelancing and gig working via internet platforms

Vili Lehdonvirta

Gig work apps’ food delivery drivers have become a familiar sight in many European cities. However, there is also a completely digital version of platform-mediated non-standard work. In online gig work, self-employed workers complete projects remotely for clients obtained through online labour platforms. ...read more

Short News

29. August 2017

IAB Labour Market Barometer for Germany

Every month, the IAB labour market barometer provides a short-term outlook for the development of both employment and unemployment in Germany.

20. April 2017

Key indicators of the German labour market

In a data appendix to its recent publication "Arbeitsmarkt kompakt" the IAB offers a broad range of key indicators of the German labour market.

20. April 2017

Industry 4.0 – job-producer or employment-destroyer?

A current report (2/2016) published by the IAB discusses the employment effects of the digital revolution in German manufacturing.