4. November 2021 | Groups of Persons

The idea of integration varies greatly and shapes arrival processes

Stefan Röhrer

There are many different answers to the question of what it means to “be integrated”. Also, not every person has to deal with this question to the same extent. In contrast to most established people, refugees arriving in a country hear this question all the time. An IAB study on refugees in Germany sheds light on what integration means to these people and how this idea influences their future life choices. ...read more

15. October 2021 | Groups of Persons

Not all wishes come true: the occupational compromises youths accept when entering vocational training

Lea Ahrens, Melanie Fischer, Corinna Kleinert, Brigitte Schels

In times of economic crisis, Germany’s large vocational training segment comes even more to the fore as prime model for reducing the risk of youth unemployment. A growing number of pupils continue school and pursue academic education. ...read more

14. September 2021 | Regional Labour Markets

Start-ups drive the development of the medium-sized enterprise sector, particularly in eastern Germany

Lisa Bellmann, Udo Brixy, Anna D’Ambrosio

Newly founded businesses play a major role in the generation of jobs and foster structural change in the economy. Furthermore, founders are generally rooted in the region in which they set up the new business. Start-ups are therefore particularly suited for developing a sustainable small and medium-sized enterprise sector. ...read more

4. August 2021 | Series "Tracking youth joblessness during the Covid-19 crisis"

Youth unemployment in Germany and the United Kingdom in times of Covid-19

Hans Dietrich, Golo Henseke, Juliane Achatz, Silke Anger, Bernhard Christoph, Alexander Patzina

Despite economic and institutional differences, youth unemployment figures in Germany and the United Kingdom rose during the Covid-19 pandemic and reached a peak in August 2020. Since then they have tended to decrease in both countries. ...read more

30. July 2021 | Series "COVID-19 Crisis: Consequences for the Labour Market"

Working from home during the Covid-19 pandemic: usage, barriers, and wishes for the future

Kerstin Bruckmeier, Diego d´Andria , Regina Konle-Seidl

In response to the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic in spring 2020, work for many employees shifted from their workplace to their home. Two current online surveys by the IAB show the extent to which working from home has changed in Germany; which barriers have been removed; and how employees would like to use it in the future. ...read more