9. August 2022 | Series "Covid-19 crisis: consequences for the labour market"

Essential occupations: what are the working conditions like?

Anton Nivorozhkin, Friedrich Poeschel

During the Covid-19 pandemic, some occupations have ensured basic functions in Germany’s economy and society. New research at the IAB and the European University Institute characterises working conditions in Germany’s essential occupations and finds that most of these jobs have relatively good working conditions ...read more

15. July 2022 | Series "The Effects of the Ukraine War on the German Labour Market"

Labour market integration in Germany: refugee women take significantly longer than men

Yuliya Kosyakova, Lidwina Gundacker, Zerrin Salikutluk, Parvati Trübswetter

Refugees are increasingly succeeding in integrating into the German labour market. However, according to an analysis based on the IAB-BAMF-SOEP Survey of Refugees, women benefit significantly less than men from these advances. ...read more

24. June 2022 | Interviews

“We see good integration prospects for Ukrainian refugees”

Christiane Keitel, Jutta Winters

The war in Ukraine has triggered the largest movement of refugees in Europe since the Second World War. Organising accommodation, children’s schooling, language classes and other support services are major political and societal challenges, as Yuliya Kosyakova and Herbert Brücker explain in two current IAB research reports. The editors of the IAB Forum ask them about their findings. ...read more

20. April 2022 | International Labour Markets

The war in Ukraine, international trade and price effects on the German economy

Kamal Kassam, Ignat Stepanok

Russia’s exports account for a large share of world trade in a few goods and commodities classes. These are most notably nickel, fertilisers, mineral fuels and mineral oils, cereals and wood. Their prices and supply are affected by the war in Ukraine and the underlying economic sanctions. ...read more

19. April 2022 | Labour Market, Employment and Social Policy

Covid-19 crisis, Ukraine war and fear of stagflation: Why we need a new supply policy

Enzo Weber

Inflation is currently at a record high and will continue to go up as a result of the war in Ukraine and sanctions imposed on Russia. Considering the shortages in the economic environment, there is a risk of stagflation that cannot be coped with by means of demand policy alone. ...read more