20. July 2017 | Wages and Employment

The German minimum wage: an interview with IAB Director Joachim Möller

After many years of debates, 2015 saw the introduction of a statutory minimum wage of € 8.50 per hour (€ 8.84 since 2017) in Germany. While opponents of the minimum wage predicted negative effects on employment, some advocates expected the number of wage earners depending on social basic benefits to decrease significantly due to the minimum wage. In an interview for the IAB-Forum, Joachim Möller, Director of IAB, explains to what extent these fears or hopes proved true. ...read more

14. July 2017 | International Labour Markets

Digitalising the economy: The future of employment and qualification in Germany

Enzo Weber

The new complex and intelligent digitalisation poses a significant challenge to the economies and the labour markets. In this context, the underlying article discusses the future of employment and changes in qualification requirements as well as policies for vocational and further training, social security and the coordination of flexibility. ...read more

12. July 2017 | International Labour Markets

European unemployment insurance: finding the golden mean

Enzo Weber

Ever since Europe slipped into severe recession following the financial crisis in the U.S., people have been discussing how to make the European Union better equipped for such an economic collapse. In more concrete terms, the power of a community is supposed to prevent individual members from getting into significant economic difficulties which may even go as far as considering exit from the community. ...read more

30. June 2017 | Editorial

Knowledge at first click – IAB-Forum goes online

Andrea Kargus, Martin Schludi

Labour markets have become more international, more interlinked. Many employees now expect that their work will take them abroad, to new labour markets. Likewise, labour markets like ours in Germany require migration to meet the skills needs we have at home. At the IAB, we see this internationalisation not only in research but also on a practical level. ...read more

30. June 2017 | About the German labour market

The German labour market in a nutshell

Martin Schludi

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, Germany’s labour market was in such a poor state that the country was described as ’the sick man of Europe’. Today, by contrast, the labour market is in such a good state that commentators around the world talk of the “German job miracle”. ...read more

Short News

18. April 2017

Talk by Joachim Möller about the effects of the German Labour Market Reforms

With the talk, given at the 17th Conference of the Research Network Macroeconomics and Macroeconomic Policies in October 2013 in Berlin, Prof. Dr. Joachim Möller, director of the IAB, discussed the effects of the German Labour Market Reforms.

20. April 2017

Key indicators of the German labour market

In a data appendix to its recent publication "Arbeitsmarkt kompakt" the IAB offers a broad range of key indicators of the German labour market.

20. April 2017

Industry 4.0 – job-producer or employment-destroyer?

A current report (2/2016) published by the IAB discusses the employment effects of the digital revolution in German manufacturing.