11. September 2019 | Establishments and the Demand for Personnel

Flexible working hours are becoming increasingly important

Peter Ellguth, Hans-Dieter Gerner, Ines Zapf

More and more companies and administrations offer their employees working time accounts. Between 1999 and 2016, the proportion of companies using this instrument has almost doubled. ...read more

8. August 2019 | Forms of Employment

Marginal part-time employment in Germany: live or let die?

Ulrich Walwei

Marginal employment, known as mini-job, is a two-edged sword. For many mini-jobber it has not been worthwhile to work longer hours up to now. This is an avoidable obstacle for securing a sustainable supply of skilled workers. At the same time, neither a continuation of the status quo nor a complete abolition of marginal employment is a proper solution. ...read more

12. July 2019 | Wages and Employment

The gender wage gap in Europe: What can we learn from linked employer-employee data? A workshop report

Alex Bryson, John Forth, Stefanie Wolter

A recent IAB workshop on the gender wage gap in Europe stressed the importance of the workplace and the firm in explaining gender inequalities. ...read more

13. June 2019 | International Labour Markets

Digital Social Security: How does it work? An interview with Professor Enzo Weber

Jutta Winters

Professor Enzo Weber talks in this video interview about his concept of Digital Social Security. He describes the cornerstones of Digital Social Security, how a digital approach, an international concept and national social security can be combined, and what practical first steps need to be undertaken to put this approach into practice. ...read more

23. Mai 2019 | International Labour Markets

Protectionism and the argument for creating jobs at home

Ignat Stepanok

In the political debate, trade protectionism has been frequently associated with keeping and increasing the number of jobs at home. The argument is, however, not so simple, since international trade in products and services is organised within global value chains. ...read more

Short News

29. August 2017

IAB Labour Market Barometer for Germany

Every month, the IAB labour market barometer provides a short-term outlook for the development of both employment and unemployment in Germany.

20. April 2017

Key indicators of the German labour market

In a data appendix to its recent publication "Arbeitsmarkt kompakt" the IAB offers a broad range of key indicators of the German labour market.

20. April 2017

Industry 4.0 – job-producer or employment-destroyer?

A current report (2/2016) published by the IAB discusses the employment effects of the digital revolution in German manufacturing.