13 September 2018 | Labour Market, Employment and Social Policy

Setting out for Digital Social Security

Enzo Weber

Platform work is increasing worldwide, leaving a serious lack of social protection. In spite of the international and flexible character of platform work, extending social security is feasible – if one is ready to explore new avenues. This article is on setting out for Digital Social Security. ...read more

29 August 2018 | Groups of Persons

Women still hit the glass ceiling – despite operational promotion of equal opportunities

Malte Reichelt

There is a large wage gap between women and men. The search for explanations and solutions must start exactly where wages are decided: in the enterprises. ...read more

6 August 2018 | Wages and Employment

The German labour market after the introduction of the statutory minimum wage

Mario Bossler, Johanna Eberle, Nicole Gürtzgen, Wolfram Klosterhuber, Philipp vom Berge

On the 1st January 2015, a nationwide statutory minimum wage of €8.50 was introduced in Germany. ...read more

20. July 2018 | Basic Principles of Labour Market Research

Good scientific policy advice: the IAB’s five principles

Holger Bähr

Policy advice is an integral part of policy-making in contemporary democracies and a central task of the IAB. But what makes “good” policy advice? ...read more

02. July 2018 | International Labour Markets

European youth unemployment in the aftermath of the Great Recession

Hans Dietrich

As a consequence of the Great Recession, starting in most European countries in 2009, the number of unemployed young people increased significantly. ...read more

4. June 2018 | Labour Market, Employment and Social Policy

Binding Collective Agreements: The Downward Trend Continues

Susanne Kohaut

Wages and working conditions are negotiated between employers and employees. Collective agreements provide both parties with an institutional framework to that end. ...read more

Short News

29. August 2017

IAB Labour Market Barometer for Germany

Every month, the IAB labour market barometer provides a short-term outlook for the development of both employment and unemployment in Germany.

20. April 2017

Key indicators of the German labour market

In a data appendix to its recent publication "Arbeitsmarkt kompakt" the IAB offers a broad range of key indicators of the German labour market.

20. April 2017

Industry 4.0 – job-producer or employment-destroyer?

A current report (2/2016) published by the IAB discusses the employment effects of the digital revolution in German manufacturing.