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In general, economic downturns have a greater impact on young people in the labour market than on other age groups. How does the contemporary Covid-19 crisis compare to the global financial crisis a ...weiterlesen

A recent seminar series focussed on the cutting-edge international research on minimum wage policies with regard to employment, consumer prices, wage inequality, and other outcomes. ...weiterlesen

An IAB study on refugees in Germany sheds light on what integration means to these people and how this idea influences their future life ...weiterlesen

Youths often accept compromises when choosing vocational training since they navigate between personal interests and market conditions. The discrepancy between occupational aspirations at school and ...weiterlesen

Start-ups drive the development of a medium-sized enterprise sector in eastern Germany more than in western ...weiterlesen

The article focusses on youth joblessness in times of the Covid-19 crisis in Germany and the United Kingdom. ...weiterlesen

This article focusses on how working from home has changed during the Covid-19 crisis. ...weiterlesen

The article discusses how the German social protection system should be adapted following the Covid-19 crisis. ...weiterlesen

The article analyses the social protection of the atypically employed and the (solo) self-employed during the Covid-19 crisis. ...weiterlesen

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