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The interview compares the integration of Urkainian refugees into the German labour market and society with the integration of Syrian refugees in 2015. ...weiterlesen

Russia’s exports account for a large share of world trade in a few goods and commodities classes. These are most notably nickel, fertilisers, mineral fuels and mineral oils, cereals and wood. Their ...weiterlesen

19. April 2022 | Labour Market, Employment and Social Policy

Covid-19 crisis, Ukraine war and fear of stagflation: Why we need a new supply policy

Enzo Weber

Inflation is currently at a record high and will continue to go up as a result of the war in Ukraine and sanctions imposed on Russia. Considering the shortages in the economic environment, there is a ...weiterlesen

6. April 2022 | Series "Covid-19 crisis: consequences for the labour market"

With its numerous surveys the IAB will shed light on the coronavirus mystery

Yuliya Kosyakova , Laura Pohlan

The Covid-19 crisis has led to a dramatic increase in the demand for information both in politics and practice. This poses an enormous challenge to the research and counselling activities at the IAB. ...weiterlesen

In spring 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic paralysed public life in many countries. Schools and daycare facilities closed. Many men and women started working from home or switched to short-time work. The ...weiterlesen

How the transition from school to working life takes place sets the course for individual labour market opportunities. This transition is particularly difficult for disadvantaged young people. Here ...weiterlesen

In general, economic downturns have a greater impact on young people in the labour market than on other age groups. How does the contemporary Covid-19 crisis compare to the global financial crisis a ...weiterlesen

A recent seminar series focussed on the cutting-edge international research on minimum wage policies with regard to employment, consumer prices, wage inequality, and other outcomes. ...weiterlesen

An IAB study on refugees in Germany sheds light on what integration means to these people and how this idea influences their future life ...weiterlesen