Youth unemployment in Germany is very low by international standards. In an interview to the IAB-Forum magazine, IAB Director Joachim Möller attributes this success to three factors: the favourable economic situation, the introduction of “youth employment advisory services” (Jugendberufsagenturen) supporting the transition from school to employment and, in particular, the well-established system of dual vocational training, which combines on-the-job training in the firms with part-time education in a vocational school. Möller also discusses the question, to what extent this system is transferable to other countries.

This video is the fourth interview of a series of interviews with Joachim Möller that address selected aspects of the labour market in Germany (the German job miracle; the German minimum wage; refugees and migration; the dual apprenticeship system; active labour market policy; and the digital revolution).

The interview was conducted by Hannah Ormerod.