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22. December 2021 | Groups of Persons

Is this crisis different? The impact of the Covid-19 crisis on the economic and social situation of young people in Europe

Regina Konle-Seidl

In general, economic downturns have a greater impact on young people in the labour market than on other age groups. How does the contemporary Covid-19 crisis compare to the global financial crisis a more

4. August 2021 | Groups of Persons

Youth unemployment in Germany and the United Kingdom in times of Covid-19

Hans Dietrich , Golo Henseke , Juliane Achatz , Silke Anger , Bernhard Christoph , Alexander Patzina

The article focusses on youth joblessness in times of the Covid-19 crisis in Germany and the United Kingdom. more

2. July 2018 | Groups of Persons

European youth unemployment in the aftermath of the Great Recession

Hans Dietrich

As a consequence of the Great Recession, starting in most European countries in 2009, the number of unemployed young people increased significantly. Using 2008 as the reference point, where most more

19. October 2017 | International Labour Markets

Walking between the worlds – labour market economist and former Secretary of State Pedro S. Martins

Silke Anger , Martin Schludi

  Pedro S. Martins is an expert spanning boundaries between science and politics: Martins, who is now doing research at Queen Mary University of London, was Secretary of State in the Ministry more

16. August 2017 | Education and Chances of Employment

The dual apprenticeship system in Germany: an interview with IAB Director Joachim Möller

Youth unemployment in Germany is very low by international standards. In an interview to the IAB-Forum magazine, IAB Director Joachim Möller attributes this success to three factors: the favourable more