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13. June 2019 | Forms of Employment

Digital Social Security: How does it work? An interview with Professor Enzo Weber

Jutta Winters

Professor Enzo Weber presents his concept of Digital Social Security in this video interview and explains the first steps to put the concept into more

20. December 2018 | Forms of Employment

The rise of online labour markets: freelancing and gig working via internet platforms

Vili Lehdonvirta

The article focuses on online gig economy which is transnational and spans a full spectrum of skills, from data entry to software development. The gig economy offers an interesting view to the future more

20. November 2018 | Labour Market Trends and Forecasts

Departing from the beaten track – trends of working in the digital transformation

Wilhelm Bauer

Prof. Wilhelm Bauer describes trends of working in the digital transformation. more

13. September 2018 | Forms of Employment

Setting out for Digital Social Security

Enzo Weber

Platform work is increasing worldwide, leaving a serious lack of social protection. In spite of the international and flexible character of platform work, extending social security is feasible – if more

14. July 2017 | Labour Market Trends and Forecasts

Digitalising the economy: The future of employment and qualification in Germany

Enzo Weber

The new complex and intelligent digitalisation poses a significant challenge to the economies and the labour markets. In this context, the underlying article discusses the future of employment and more