Regina Konle-Seidl explains in this video interview the concept of chronic unemployment. In many European countries considerable segments of the labour force seem to be excluded from steady employment on the regular labour market. The concept of chronic unemployment aims at capturing this exclusion and goes far beyond the common indicator “long-term unemployment”. A comparison of both indicators across Denmark, Finland, and Germany reveals astonishing differences. Konle-Seidl explains these differences and gives political recommendations how to reduce high rates of chronic unemployment.

Konle-Seidl is a seniour researcher at the IAB since 2000 focusing on international comparison of labour market institutions, labour market reforms as well as activating labour market and social policies.

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The latest publication on the concept of chronic unemployment:

Aho, Simo; Konle-Seidl, Regina; Norup, Iben; Rhein, Thomas; Rothe, Thomas (2019): Magnitude, structure and dynamics of chronic unemployment in Denmark, Finland, and Germany. IAB-Discussion Paper No. 09, Nuremberg, 24 pp.