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4. November 2021 | Groups of Persons

The idea of integration varies greatly and shapes arrival processes

Stefan Röhrer

An IAB study on refugees in Germany sheds light on what integration means to these people and how this idea influences their future life more

18. June 2020 | Education and Chances of Employment

What do we know about the employment of refugees in Germany? Answers to some frequently asked questions.

Herbert Brücker , Yuliya Kosyakova

In this interview, the authors Herbert Brücker and Yuliya Kosyakova answer key questions on the employment of refugees in Germany. more

22. March 2019 | International Labour Markets

“The labour market integration of refugees is working out much better than we expected.” An interview with Herbert Brücker and Yuliya Kosyakova

Martin Schludi

An inteview with the IAB researcher Herbert Brücker and Yuliya Kosyakova on the second wave of the IAB-BAMF-SOEP Survey of Refugees. more

17. October 2018 | Groups of Persons

Labour market integration of refugees gains momentum

Herbert Brücker

A good 70 percent of refugees in Germany come from eight non-European asylum seekers’ countries of origin. Their integration into the German labour market has increasingly gained momentum in more

10. April 2018 | Education and Chances of Employment

Labour market advice and job placement of refugees: Labour market integration is still a long way off

Holger Bähr , Martin Dietz , Barbara Knapp

A few refugees get a job soon after they arrived in Germany. However, for most of them labour market integration is still a long way off. Bevor getting a job, many refugees have to learn German and more

26. January 2018 | International Labour Markets

The flow of migrants to Germany and their integration into the labour market

Herbert Brücker

Since 2015, questions around migration and the integration of migrant men and women into the labour market, the education system and all other areas of society have moved into the centre of public more

3. August 2017 | International Labour Markets

Refugees and migration in Germany: an interview with IAB Director Joachim Möller

In recent years, Germany has taken in a great number of people who abandoned their home countries fleeing from the war, political persecution and economic hardship. In 2015, the number of those who more