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6. April 2022 | Series "Covid-19 crisis: consequences for the labour market"

With its numerous surveys the IAB will shed light on the coronavirus mystery

Yuliya Kosyakova , Laura Pohlan

The Covid-19 crisis has led to a dramatic increase in the demand for information both in politics and practice. This poses an enormous challenge to the research and counselling activities at the IAB. more

8. March 2022 | Groups of Persons

Work and family in times of lockdown: a step backwards for women?

Jutta Winters , Christiane Keitel

In spring 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic paralysed public life in many countries. Schools and daycare facilities closed. Many men and women started working from home or switched to short-time work. The more

22. December 2021 | Groups of Persons

Is this crisis different? The impact of the Covid-19 crisis on the economic and social situation of young people in Europe

Regina Konle-Seidl

In general, economic downturns have a greater impact on young people in the labour market than on other age groups. How does the contemporary Covid-19 crisis compare to the global financial crisis a more

16. July 2021 | Labour Market, Employment and Social Policy

Should the German social protection system be adapted following the Covid-19 crisis?

Kerstin Bruckmeier , Diego d´Andria , Regina Konle-Seidl

The article discusses how the German social protection system should be adapted following the Covid-19 crisis. more

28. May 2021 | Forms of Employment

Social protection of atypical workers during the Covid-19 crisis

Kerstin Bruckmeier , Diego d´Andria , Regina Konle-Seidl

The article analyses the social protection of the atypically employed and the (solo) self-employed during the Covid-19 crisis. more

16. April 2021 | Labour Market Trends and Forecasts

European labour market dynamics after the outbreak of the Covid-19 crisis

Enzo Weber , Roman Neupert

In order to analyse the mechanisms behind the dropping employment figures, this article gives an outline of developments in labour market flow statistics in Europe after the outbreak of the Covid-19 more

21. December 2020 | Interviews

The post-pandemic labour market. Video interviews with IAB Director Bernd Fitzenberger

Jutta Winters

IAB-Director risks a glance at the labour market after the Covid-19 crisis in a series of video interviews. more

20. November 2020 | Groups of Persons

To work or not to work? A case study on the structure of student employment and its possible effects on students’ jobs during the Corona crisis

Bernhard Christoph , Nele Jugenheimer , Malte Sandner , Ipek Yükselen

The consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic affect gainfully employed students in their academic progress due to the cancellation of on-site classes and in terms financial distress due to lost student more

2. October 2020 | International Labour Markets

Germany’s trade with China at the beginning of the global COVID-19 pandemic

Ignat Stepanok

Studying trade flows between China and Germany in February 2020 gives a clear picture of what happens when a major shock affects a single trading partner. more