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26. February 2021 | Series "Covid-19 crisis: consequences for the labour market"

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic: evidence from a new establishment survey

Lutz Bellmann , Patrick Gleiser , Christian Kagerl , Eva Kleifgen , Theresa Koch , Corinna König , Ute Leber , Laura Pohlan , Duncan Roth , Malte Schierholz , Jens Stegmaier , Armin Aminian

A new high-frequency survey sheds light on how establishments have adapted to the Covid-19 more

25. January 2021 | Labour Market Trends and Forecasts

Smoothing labour market transitions in times of crisis and beyond

Jutta Winters

The IAB hosted the interdisciplinary conference “Labour Market Transitions: Challenges for Public Policies and Research” where researchers and policy makers discussed labour market transitions more

21. December 2020 | Interviews

The post-pandemic labour market. Video interviews with IAB Director Bernd Fitzenberger

Jutta Winters

IAB-Director risks a glance at the labour market after the Covid-19 crisis in a series of video interviews. more

16. December 2020 | Labour Market Trends and Forecasts

Short-time work, layoffs, and new hires in Germany: how the corona crisis differs from the financial crisis of 2009

Britta Gehrke , Enzo Weber

The corona crisis has impacted the German economy and labour market much more heavily than the financial crisis of 2009. Nevertheless, the number of layoffs has so far been limited compared to the more