Regina Konle-Seidl, researcher at the IAB in Nuremberg, compares in our video interview policies to facilitate labour market integration of migrants in Austria, Germany, and Sweden. She focusses on country strategies to adapt the asylum and integration system to the high numbers of new arrivals, gives special attention to the political discourse and the role of public opinion, and explains innovative approaches and gaps with respect to labour market integration of migrants.

Konle-Seidl is a specialist in international comparison of labour market institutions and labour market reforms. Several EU institutions have been asking for her expertise in comparing migration policies since the beginning of the so-called “refugee crisis” in 2015. This includes a comparative analysis commissioned by the Committee “Employment and Social Affairs” of the European Parliament on the situation in the then main destination countries Austria, Germany, and Sweden in 2015, 2016, and 2017. The study aimed at finding out about approaches in the three countries in order to foster exchange of good practices. The video interview provides insights into the main findings of this study.

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Winters, JuttaRegina Konle-Seidl (2019): Labour market integration of migrants in Austria, Germany, and Sweden. An interview with Regina Konle-Seidl, In: IAB-Forum 30th of April 2019,, Retrieved: 20th of May 2022